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future shock alvin toffler 9780553277371 amazon com books - future shock alvin toffler on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the best study of our times that i know of all the books that i have read in the last 20 years, alvin toffler was right about future shock but wrong about - futurist alvin toffler s death on june 27 at age 87 has brought out the usual obituaries marveling at the way his self educated intellect grappled wit, future shock by alvin toffler 1971 05 03 alvin toffler - future shock by alvin toffler 1971 05 03 alvin toffler on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, the legacy of alvin toffler toffler associates - toffler associates has its roots in the ideas and methodologies of world renowned futurists alvin and heidi toffler, the dangers of information overload william j lynott - could the evening news be bad for your health the dangers of information overload by william j lynott alvin toffler sounded the first early warning more than 30 years ago, future shock orson welles narrates a 1972 film about the - the beginning of the 1972 documentary future shock directed by alex grasshof shows orson welles bearded and chomping on a cigar standing on an airport people mover he turns to the camera and delivers a monologue in his trademark silken baritone in the course of my work which has taken me, terry patten author teacher r evolutionary co - it s time for evolutionary action my name is terry patten and i am dedicated to serving the future of life on earth at a time when we can t take anything for granted my purpose is to catalyze an extraordinary new wave of human flourishing by convening integral conversations and leading communities of evolutionary practice, douglas rushkoff s present shock the end of time is not - if you read one book next year to help you make sense of the present moment let it be present shock by douglas rushkoff subtitled when everything happens now the book is a contemporary rejoinder to alvin toffler s seminal scripture of futurology future shock published in 1970 what has, the original nature boys taki s magazine - one of the biggest changes of my lifetime has been the decline in the speed of social