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faker leaguepedia league of legends esports wiki - biography season 3 lee faker sang hyeok was pulled out of solo queue by the sk telecom organization so that a team could be formed around him in the mid lane ultimately they settled on impact bengi piglet and poohmandu to surround him and the team was unveiled in february of 2013 dubbed sk telecom t1 2 they qualified for their first ogn at olympus champions spring 2013, faker define faker at dictionary com - faker definition a person who fakes see more, faker video gamer wikipedia - early life faker was born in seoul on may 7 1996 he and his brother were raised by their grandparents and their father lee kyung joon in gangseo district seoul faker always loved puzzles and video games including custom maps for warcraft iii and the moba chaos he discovered league of legends in late 2011 and quickly became very good at the game he dropped out of high school in, today on the korean server youtube - everyday the best or the worse of the korean server league of legends pro players, faker definition of faker by the free dictionary - addressing on the occasion raz khan pathan mir amanullah khan pathan and others said that several youths have been killed in faker encounters by the police while the cases of the child abuse are also increasing in the country which shows the poor performance of the provincial and federals governments, github fzaninotto faker faker is a php library that - faker is a php library that generates fake data for you, fake definition of fake by merriam webster - note not recorded as an adjective before the 1880 s the supposed use by the british general richard howe in a dispatch from boston to the secretary of state dated december 3 1775 so many artifices have been practiced upon strangers under the appearance of friendship fake pilots c report concerning canadian archives for the year 1904 ottawa 1905 p 355 is most likely a misreading