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a mathematical theory of communication wikipedia - a mathematical theory of communication is an article by mathematician claude e shannon published in bell system technical journal in 1948 it was renamed the mathematical theory of communication in the book a small but significant title change after realizing the generality of this work, general systems theory statpac - index general systems theory 1993 david s walonick ph d general systems theory was originally proposed by biologist ludwig von bertalanffy in 1928 since descartes the scientific method had progressed under two related assumptions, mathematical theory of nonequilibrium steady states on - this volume provides a systematic mathematical exposition of the conceptual problems of nonequilibrium statistical physics such as entropy production irreversibility and ordered phenomena markov chains diffusion processes and hyperbolic dynamical systems are used as mathematical models of, complex systems theory stephen wolfram - complex systems theory 1988 some approaches to the study of complex systems are outlined they are encompassed by an emerging field of science concerned with the general analysis of complexity, research institute for mathematical sciences - mathematical science in numerical modeling and data assimilation of planetary atmospheres from earth and mars to venus gasshuku style location kansai seminar house, the mathematical theory of finite element methods texts - this is the third and yet further updated edition of a highly regarded mathematical text brenner develops the basic mathematical theory of the finite element method the most widely used technique for engineering design and analysis, mathematics by topic math on the web - mathematics by topic lists some topic keywords in the table of contents in each section are links to electronic journals preprints web sites and pages databases and other pertinent material in the corresponding field, chaos theory financial markets and global weirding - in my bio i usually state my study of chaos theory led to my conviction that knowing the limits of our ability to predict is much more important than the predictions themselves a lesson i apply to both climate science and the financial markets